Site Safety Plan

  1. Purpose

    The purpose of this Safety Plan is to give a guideline to all employees under Chen Guan Air-Conditioning & Engineering on matters related to safety in this project. At the same time, the client's safety requirements shall also be strictly adhered to.

    The aim is to:
    • To reduce accidents/incidents and injuries.
    • To eliminate unsafe acts and unsafe conditions.
    • To encourage safe work practices.
  2. Other References

    The following government and relevant agency documents shall be adhered too:
    • Occupational Safety And Health Act 1994
    • Factories And Machinery Act 1967
    • Fire Services Act 1998
    • Uniform Building By-Laws 1984
    • IEE (Institute Equipment Effectiveness) Regulations for Electrical Equipment
    • Standards and Codes of Practice To Equipment And Installation
    • Environment Quality Act 1974 And Others, whichever is considered Relevant
  3. Scope of Work

    The following systems/items shall be furnished and installed:
    • Air Systems
    • Chilled Water (Medium and Low Temperature) and Condenser Water System
    • Diesel Fuel System
    • Process Water Supply System
    • Hot Water System
    • Heat Recovery Water System
  4. The Company Safety & Health Committee

    Safety And Health Committee
    shall comprise the management, representatives from the Engineer/Supervisor Levels and also representatives from the labour group. They will meet at least once a month to discuss company's safety performance and any new developments. All meetings shall be recorded and kept safely.

  5. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE's) And Clothing

    All workers shall be furnished with appropriate PPEs and the inssuance records kept. All PPEs must be inspected physically before use. All expired, unsafe and sub-standard PPEs are to be rejected.

    All employees/workers must be properly dressed for the job. Short pants, torn pants, sleeveless shirts shall not be allowed.

  6. Site Supervisors

    Only competent supervisors shall be assigned or authorised to receive and execute instructions. The Supervisor will be responsible for the safety and welfare of his men and also for their good behavior.

  7. Tools and Equipments

    All tools, equipments and other items used shall be in good/safe condition and appropriate for the job. For working at heights, safety harness are to be worn. Safety belts are NOT allowed.

  8. Electrical Lighting And Power Circuits

    All electrical materials and equipments shall be of approved type and the client's approval will be consulted prior to use.

  9. Personnel Behavior

    All employees/workers shall not loiter around areas where they are not authorised. They shall adhere to all safety signs and regulations posted at the locations.

  10. Alcohol and Drugs

    No employee is allowed to drink alcohol or take drugs at the workplace. Chen Guan reserves the right to immediately terminate any one caught under the influence of alcoholic drinks and drugs.

  11. Safety Program
    • All new employees/workers shall be safety briefed or inducted before they start working.
    • Daily Tool Box Talks, by individual Supervisors of the group, shall be conducted.
    • All necessary check lists to be done and confirmed before work commerce.
    • Regular checks on personnel PPEs to be conducted. Unsafe PPEs to be removed.
    • Area of work to be always maintained clean and tidy and also obstruction free.
    • Daily housekeeping to be done before cease work.
    • Monthly safety meetings to be held with the management.
    • To invite client's safety personnel for safety briefings at least once a month.
    • To arrange with client or external bodies for some safety lectures as a continuous safety training program for employees/workers.
    • Whenever possible send the supervisory level of employees for safety related courses.
  12. Responsibility

    Chen Guan Air-Conditioning & Engineering shall observe all the relevant stipulated safety legislations, ordinances and codes of practice. Everyone will be informed that they are responsible for their own safety and health and also for those around them. It will be known to all that safety is NOT the responsibility of one person but the responsibility of everybody.

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