Missions & Objectives

Company Missions

  • To be preferred partner, project design, installer and engineering services company in Malaysia.
  • To deliver to the customers total Quality, Safety and Value for money of goods and services.
  • To provide good customer service for Chen Guan Air Conditioning & Engineering Sdn. Bhd. to be the leading ACMV Contractor.
  • To maximize company's economic performance and profitability for a satisfactory return.

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Company Objectives

Quality Objectives Process / Responsible Dept.

Effective tendering process to ensure achievement of at least 5% gross profit margin for each project.

Tendering & Contract

To complete the design process i.e. preparation of drawings and Bill of Quantities within customer specified time.


a) To achieve 90% of project completion on time per year.

b) Reducing non conformity works (NCR from client) to 3 per project per month.

c) Response time to breakdown request from Client during DLP within 1 working day.


To achieve 100% execution of planned maintenance schedule for all projects per year.


80% of supplier / sub-contractor under good performance category during annual performance re-evaluation.


80% employees have undergone at least one training per year.

Human Resource

Reducing the audit non-conformance finding to 5 per audit cycle.


To achieve 80% of overall average customer satisfaction during the annual customer satisfaction survey (Min. Rating of "Satisfied" For All Criteria is 8)


To carry out at least one improvement project per year


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